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I’m 5’7″ (not done growing- 14 years old) and weigh about 125 lbs. Is this an ideal weight for someone this height? I really want to model, so I’m planning on SAFELY losing to about 115. Does that sounds better?

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5 Responses to “Weight????”

  1. emtb9 said :

    You don’t need to lose any weight, you are fine where you are at.

  2. The girl with kaleidosope eyes said :

    Well, that’s really skinny…
    I vote that you should keep your current weight until you get closer to being done growing, then you can decide how skinny you need to be.

  3. lil_baby_girl2313 said :

    you do not need to lose any weight… will be too skinny and unhealthy….you weigh little enough now

  4. April Mayhem said :

    I hear the models are going to start getting bigger. You may want to consider fishing around some talent agents before committing to be so thin. Maybe even present yourself as a normal sized model? (As opposed to a pole.)

  5. wildkuntry07 said :

    Honestly do not gain anymore weight. its a good height and a good size. at 14 your gonna change alot in the next few years so just watch what you eat if you want to model – lots of protein and get your exercise. That is the key

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