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Trying to sell my car in Illinois but my car is registered in New York?

I just moved from New York state to Illinois two months ago.
However, my company plans me to move me to the office in California.
I’m trying to sell my car in Illinois before I move to California and planning to buy a new or used car over there.
I don’t plan on changing my title, insurance, registration from NY to Illinois since I’m changing my car and live in California.
How can I sell an out-of-state registered car?

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4 Responses to “Trying to sell my car in Illinois but my car is registered in New York?”

  1. Tigregrrl said :

    When someone buys a vehicle they have to get it registered in their name anyway, so they can just register it for Illinois. I think all they need is a transferred title and proof of insurance? Not sure, but hope this helps. To be sure, call the local DMV.

  2. Stephanie73 said :

    You shouldn’t have any problem selling it with a NY title. The person who is buying your car should just be able to take the NY title to the DMV to transfer ownership. It might just take a little longer for the paperwork to be done. You may want to check with the DMV in Illinois just to be sure, as motor vehicle laws do vary from state to state.

  3. marinespill said :

    Good luck. People are going to be wary of a car without a valid inspection sticker.

  4. bostonianinmo said :

    Assuming you have a clear title in any state, you can sell it in any other state. It’s a good idea to have the title transfer notarized even if the state doesn’t require it.

    I was in the military for over 20 years and sold many cars with out-of-state titles. Never had any problem at all – and there are no special rules for military personnel selling cars.


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