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My car lights were left on and drained car battery?

Hello, I have a 2006 Dodge stratus SXT sedan. It has 23k miles and I just drove it a couple of days ago. I left the car lights on and my car wont start. I think my car ran out of batteries. The car alarm does not turn on. It is the first time this happened. What should I do?

Thanks for the help.

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11 Responses to “My car lights were left on and drained car battery?”

  1. harryb said :

    Get somebody to give you a jump so the battery will re-charge. Once it starts run the engine for 10 minutes or so and it should be OK after that.

  2. book writer said :

    Get a battery charger and charge your battery! If you don’t have a charger then get some jumper cables and get someone to boost your battery with their battery in their car! Your battery should charge back up in about 20 minutes, and your battery should be fine, it shouldn’t be hurt at all!

  3. Deborah W said :

    I think I get my car jumped. If that doesn’t work ,go get a new battery. You can trade it in and then pay the difference.

  4. Bradley M said :

    disconnect the terminals and charge the battery if you dont have a battery charger leave the terminals connected and get someone to jump start you either go for a drive for half an hour

  5. wditt2 said :

    get someone to jumpstart it and then drive it back to the dealership and tell them I am to ignorant to own this.

  6. Geezer said :

    That’s when it’s handy to have a AAA membership. Lacking that, the best thing is get a jump start from a friend’s car. Connect the positive leads of the jumper cable first, then the negative. Start your car. Disconnect the negative jumper connection first, then the positive. Drive around for an hour or so to recharge the battery. If the battery won’t hold a charge, you’ll have to get a new one.

  7. J M said :

    Your car only has one battery not two or three so it is singular
    One. Now raise the hood and put the little proppy rod under the edge of the hood get a set of jumper cables thats those things that have four big clamps on the. Hook the red one to the Big + post on the battery. Then hook them the same way to another car and start yours while thew other one is running. Now after yours starts unhook the Jumpers from both batteries. and LEAVE YOURS RUN FOR A HOUR then it should be ok.

  8. catinc04 said :

    Jump start it an go for a drive let the alt. charge up your battery Make sure you do not shut off for at least one half hour enjoy the drive

  9. p3200tmz said :

    If the battery is old you may need a new one. Once an old one is completely discharged, it won’t hold a charge. Happened to me last winter, I jump started the car, drove too work, which happened to be down the block from an auto parts store, bought a battery and installed it in about 5 minutes before I went into work.

  10. ahanix1989 said :

    They don’t teach jump-starting in driver’s ed? They do around here.

    God forbid you get a flat tire…

  11. m88888888h said :

    If you don’t need to drive your car immediately, get a battery charger with automatic voltage and current regulation, then charge the battery up slowly overnight (12h +) to avoid long-term battery cell deterioration from a quick charge. There are some expensive chargers as well that are quick and gentle at the same time with advanced electronics.

    A jump-start will get you going right away but the alternator would probably have to be running 12h or more to completely recharge a dead battery. The real problem is that after a jump-start you might be stranded somewhere else if the drive was too short and the battery did not get much of a charge.


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