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My car is making a noise for a couple of seconds when I start the car up?

I have a 1996 Grand Am SE, whenever I go to start the car up, there is like a rattling noise under the hood, it sounds kind of like something is trying to start up..I have no idea what it could be. Any ideas on what could be wrong? The noise only lasts a couple seconds, once the car is started up, it runs perfectly fine.

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6 Responses to “My car is making a noise for a couple of seconds when I start the car up?”

  1. daihatsu man said :

    Flywheel has come loose.

  2. towbusiness said :

    Probably a heat shield ratteling. Do you have an air suspension? If so it could be the compressor.

  3. frfiter said :

    there’s a ton of things that could do that, from a loose wing nut on air filter to a tool left by a mechanic. try opening the hood and having someone start it to try and narrow it down.

  4. jonatan3 said :

    I had a similar problem on my car, took it to the dealer, it came up to be one of the motor belts, they replaced it, now no noise at all,

  5. Sang K said :

    Sounds like starter motor is not disengaging after the engine start. Start motor is design to engine into fly wheel, turn the sheel the start the car, then disengage afterward. If this isn’t disengaging, it will spin with the engine, creating strange grinding noise until it disengages.

  6. heavy_chevy_1 said :

    your car is cold natured have to warm up before running like a champ


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