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you can have a 50 cc moped when your 16 can you have a 50cc speed bike.
you can have a 50 cc moped when your 16 can you have a 50cc speed bike.
and i live in the uk.

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8 Responses to “motorbike………………..?”

  1. rockbase said :

    where do you live ?
    In USA it must pass safety laws to be allowed on streets, and polution control in some states.

  2. Chado Y said :

    ok heres the answer. if it is over 50cc or 5 hp, you need a motorcycle liscece. you can have one, but you cant drive it on the road withoutha a prpoper lisence you need to get one like a motorbike license, but the moped license is quite easy

  3. Sean Y said :

    your 16 get a real fuckin bike, believe me, girls thought i was way cooler when i got a real motorcycle instead of a 50

  4. The Ninky Nonk said :

    Yes,get an Aprilia RS50.That is classed as a moped.Some of these people have no idea what they are on about.No offence to ‘Rockbase’.Good luck.Mr Nonk.

  5. Derran G said :

    Why bother wasting money getting one, wait until your 17 and get a 125cc sports bike.

  6. ElectronProbabilityCloud said :

    If it’s below 50cc and road legal you can ride it at 16 as long as you have a CBT pass.

  7. Disturbed Dude said :

    I’m not sure, you’ll have to call your local DVM, or whatever you have over there in the UK.

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