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Mechanic fixed car and it it didn’t last for more than 2 days and the repair caused other damage.?

I had a car repaired for a leaky rear main seal and not only did the new seal not work – still leaking oil – but when they put the transmission back on the car they pinched the wiring to the transmission and it won’t shift properly and is throwing electrical codes from the transmission. I paid by credit card.
The shop have stalled fixing it under warranty and have had my car for 2 weeks without working on it. Should I go get my car and file a claim with Visa? Or does anyone have a better suggestion?

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5 Responses to “Mechanic fixed car and it it didn’t last for more than 2 days and the repair caused other damage.?”

  1. the grand super C said :

    You should meet my friend Sue.

  2. Mechanix said :

    Gather your receipts, work order and everything explaining what they did on it and what went wrong after go to small claims court

  3. dodge man said :

    you can call visa and have then not do a payment on this repair until its straitened out,that may be the only option here,id call the shop and see if they would repair it right ,their responsible for it when they do the work on it,so id have them repair it,that’s one of those situations you try to handle as good as possible with out making it get worse,good luck with it.

  4. jim l said :

    take car to reputable garage do not let them touch it again inform them that they are going to be responsible for the repair
    call better business bureau or your favorite lawyer
    this kind of stuff is not acceptable

  5. halsca said :

    Send them a registered (keep a copy) letter telling them if they don’t fix and return your car within a week, you’re going to stop payment and have it towed to another garage and sue them for the cost of getting it right.

    The law says you have to give them a reasonable amount of time to get it right. Sound like they had it for more than enough time and are just giving you the runaround.

    If after a week they still do nothing, file your Visa claim, take the car to another garage. Have them put down on paper what the other place did wrong. Keep any damaged parts to show to the judge. Also make sure to have all work orders and receipts ready too.

    This is a matter for small claims court, you can consult a lawyer if you want but it won’t help. Good Luck.


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