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Is it possible to build my own Apple computer?

If I were to build an Apple computer, what parts would i need to get directly from Apple, and what could I use that isn’t from Apple?
For example, would I need to buy an Apple Processor, and Graphics Card, and Motherboard, and all that stuff? Or, is it possible to build an Apple computer with little or no parts from apple?
Thanks for the help!

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9 Responses to “Is it possible to build my own Apple computer?”

  1. Jake said :

    You can’t.

  2. Jason B said :

    Apple is really tight with their hardware. You should ask in an Apple forum or even at one of the Apple stores. I don’t believe you can. Another reason Apple sucks.

  3. Luke said :

    this site should help you

  4. s j said :

    You could build one if you bought used parts main thing being the motherboard. Would probably cost you more than just buying a used complete tower so I wouldn’t do it unless you are into building one yourself.

  5. Benji said :

    While most macs can’t be customized, you do have different options for the mac pro. You can select which parts you want on apple’s website (, and from what I understand it is easy to switch components after you buy it

  6. rocky said :

    First of all, I cannot understand why people are saying its not possible. It is very possible and many people do it, it is called a “hackintosh” I have not built one myself, so I am not familiar with what parts are needed, but it is very possible. If you have ever built a windows machine, building a mac is not very different at all. However, one great thing why I love apple machines is that the hardware is designed to work with the software and the operating system when you buy it. You lose that advantage when you are building your own system and you do not have any warranty to fall back on. I understand that apple machines are somewhat more expensive than a windows equivalent, but if you understand the specs in detail and build a similar pc, the price difference is very narrow, especially on the notebooks. By details I mean, what kind of ram is used, what kind of display the computer has and etc. But if you are interested in building your own machine, google “building a hackintosh” and you should get plenty results.

  7. ms said :

    No! It is illegal to build your own Apple Computer. Even though if you legally purchase a legitimate copy of Mac OS X at the Apple Store, running it on PC hardware violates the End Users License Agreement!
    You must be an Apple Developer to do this! Im sure you wouldnt want to face Apple’s well known lawyers in court would you?

  8. Marth Lindsay said :

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  9. Anamaria Braga said :

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