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Is it easy to replace a flasher relay in a motorbike?

Hubby’s indicators have stopped working and my dad says its the relay. Is it easy to change, hubby not had motorbike long and hasn’t many mechy skills.

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4 Responses to “Is it easy to replace a flasher relay in a motorbike?”

  1. george b said :

    Yes its very easy, just find it and unplug/replace it. If you buy the orignal from the dealer it will cost you ten times what one from an auto supply store will, you’ll just have to make sure the plug is compatible

  2. skip said :

    its a doddle donner (hey that sounds like a new takeaway meal) go to a decent motorcycle dealers buy the part and ASK THEM where it is situated on the bike (could be in headlamp,side panal or under tank) it will have bullet connecters so its off with the old and on with the new,job done.not knocking george b,s answer but it WONT be 10 times the expence (will be a bit more but thats the joy of motorcycles)but you will have the correct connectors on it thats what makes it an easy job.

  3. madness43 said :

    It could be a 2 min job, or it could be a 2 hour job.what type of bike. dose it have a fairing. If you go to the library they will have the HAYNES man. for your bike. It could also be a fuse.

  4. ElectronProbabilityCloud said :

    Assuming he’s got the right replacement, its a piece of piss. If he’s got a cheap dodgy one it can be tricky sussing out what wires go where and whatnot.


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