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Is it easy to get fit if you were already at a good fitness level before?

I was in pretty good shape about four years ago. I had a baby and I let it go down the drain. Since I was in good shape before will it be easier getting fit again? Do muscle have some sort of memory? Or am I pretty much starting from scratch?

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8 Responses to “Is it easy to get fit if you were already at a good fitness level before?”

  1. Steel Head said:

    they definitely have some memory…it’ll be a bit of a hard road back after 4 yrs but after you get thru the first 6 weeks you’ll be much better than a beginner…good luck…assuming you are still pretty young, that helps too…

  2. Chef Chick said:

    You aren’t starting from scratch…far from it! Unless you were in a state of total mobility for several years, your muscles have not atrophied and are still there and ready to be reinvigorated. If you go to the gym and work out to shrink fat cells, those muscles should shine out again and getting into shape, while of course taking effort, shouldn’t be as hard as it could be if you hadn’t been in shape before. Good luck!

  3. hydsli said:

    The only thing that will make it easier for you is the knowledge you have of training and getting into shape. Your body is going to have to go through all the basics all over again. It’s starting from scratch, all the soreness, being wore out, etc.

    Just look at the positive side, you know your goal and how to reach it.

    Good Luck!!

  4. maxmom said:

    Muscles do have memory, but that doesn’t mean you will work any less hard to achieve the results you are looking for.

    It’s not like starting from scratch, but your body will still have to lose the fat, etc. Your body will just “remember ” what you are doing to it, but you still have to go through all of the steps to achieve results.

    You should build strength and flexibility pretty quickly.

  5. Chico MigraƱa said:

    I’m haveing the same issue dude! I was the fitest for many years and then i got into universityt and had to quit sports.
    I’m about to re take my swimming lessons. I wish I manage to get back in shape!
    But I beleive, that if you really want to, and you enjoy the excersise you r doing, u will not realize it and you’l be fitter than ever!
    GooD Lucck!

  6. stopthemadness said:

    Technically yes. Muscles do have memory. In fact, a lot of athletes take long periods off their training called “detraining”. During this period, they start going through muscle atrophy (or loosing muscles) due to the breakdown of their over-produced enzymes. But once they start training again, their muscles will grow more quickly and MUCH more powerful than before. The new muscles also recover quicker if injured because they contain more fiber.

    All in all, don’t worry, you are in a way “starting from scratch”, but it will be easier to get fit again. =)

    work hard and good luck!

  7. HIrInG said:

    it will be easier,if you have been used to excercise before.

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