Is appeton weight gain really effective for people who have trouble gaining weight?

I am having a hard time to gain weight and i am planning on buying this product. Is it effective?

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6 Responses to “Is appeton weight gain really effective for people who have trouble gaining weight?”

  1. evilimpulse06 said:

    i don’t know if the med is effectice, but i know a good way.. drink alot of beer and eat fast food and then sleep right afterwards. thats how sumo wrestlers gain their weight. seriously, i saw a tlc special about that once

  2. Healthy Helen said:

    Don’t stuff yourself ! You will become bloated and it will just cause more trouble.

    If your body is meant to be skinny , that’s the way it’s going to be. If its an eating disorder or medical issue, I would suggest seeing a doctor.

  3. Big B said:

    Hey man. I really don’t think you need any extra supplements or medications, just to gain weight. Get on a solid high-calorie diet, and you’ll have no problem putting on the weight. I’d suggest checking out this fitness site that I follow: – I also put a few other links for you to check out below in the sources area.

    I wish you the best and good luck!

  4. Sleepy said:

    Stay away from the any special weight gain products. The tradition method is the best. Work out + protein shakes + heavier meals(no binging)

  5. Lawrence Constanzo said:

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  6. Marion Schroff said:

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