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If I have a car repaired that I do not own, do I or does the owner have to pay for the repair bill?

The car is my ex’s; he initially promised to give me the car. No title was forthcoming. I had to get it repaired. I refuse to drive the car because I it’s not legally mine. Since he’s the owner, can I wash my hands of it – legally? Can the mechanic shop owner sue me?

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10 Responses to “If I have a car repaired that I do not own, do I or does the owner have to pay for the repair bill?”

  1. mister said :

    If you did this without his permission, then he can sue you for altering his car, even if it was for the good. You will be responsible as he may have chosen a different mechanic.

  2. perfectdevil2000 said :

    Unless your ex asked you to repair the car and he would pay for it you are stuck with the bill.

  3. eatmorec11h17no3 said :

    If you took it in, then you assume responsibility for payment, unless you had a contract with your ex written out beforehand stating that he was responsible for all repairs..

  4. Andy said :

    Give the car to the mechanic to hold (explain the situation). Then call your ex and tell him he can have the car when he pays the mechanic.

  5. Silly Girl said :

    Since you are the one using the car – and since you are the one that took it in to be repaired – and since you are the one that made the contract with the mechanic, then yes you are responsible. I’m sure the mechanic will go after both of you. You the one who asked for the repair and your ex as the legal owner of the car.

    Did you sign a contract with the mechanic? If so they you are liable for the debt.

  6. zebj25 said :

    It depends on who gave the mechanic authorization to repair the car. Who owns the car makes no difference.

  7. rick r said :

    if you signed a contract its your bill , you should have gotten the tittle before making repairs

  8. stygianwolfe said :

    if you signed the service contract,you are liable for any work done,your responsoble for payment then,but then you can take the reciept and take your ex to court

  9. Jack said :

    If you authorized the repairs then you have to pay for them.
    The shop can put a mechanic’s lien on the vehicle.

  10. Sunday Dorman said :

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