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I would like to stir up some business for my car repair garage, any pointers?

I have just opened and i do not have thousands to spend on ad’s etc. so was would like to hear what you guys think are the best cost effective ways of attracting customer for a local car repair garage like mine. I currently do all kinds of car repairs including body work and engine repairs. I do have a few competitors in the area but i have the best looking garage in the area and was hoping i could use this to my advantage. Unfortunately my workshop is not located on a busy main road…

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3 Responses to “I would like to stir up some business for my car repair garage, any pointers?”

  1. Lab said :

    Put up some posters directing people to your shop and have it say something like “Open house” or something and then have a BBQ to impress people that pop by out of curiosity.

  2. gary o said :

    Be patient and do good honest work and the word will spread.

  3. ladybugewa said :

    People on car forums are always asking ‘can you recommend a good mechanic in my area?’ You should become a member of a few car forums that have members in your area. It will cost you some time, and you will have to give a little of yourself giving them some DIY advice, but I think it will pay off in the end.


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