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How old were you when you could only fit in training bras?

I was 15 when i could only fit in a training bra and i can still only fit into a training bra. I am 17.

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16 Responses to “How old were you when you could only fit in training bras?”

  1. bella said :

    like 9

  2. Ivy said :


  3. Irina said :

    8-9. I’m 14 and a C-cup, but I take after my mom in that.

  4. ♥_Amber_♥ said :

    um like 9 or 10.

  5. sufer k said :


  6. student_of_psychology said :

    I was 13.

  7. basketballgirl said :

    like until i was 12! But know I am 14 and in a 36B! I think that you will be fine

  8. Pepper said :

    umm.. idk i can fit in one now.. and im 16. but im not like flat chested

  9. appygirl said :

    16 and holding.

  10. cat tea said :

    I could probably fit into a training bra until I was 20. I feel your pain.

  11. Tara662 said :

    I was 11.

  12. Susie C said :

    I was 12 when all i wore was training bras. I think you mean not yet fitting into a real bra. Welll i can wear a real bra now, I’m like a 34/A. But if I wanted to i bet I could still fit into one. I’m a gymnast, and sometimes i still wear training bras to practice because they hold my boobs tighter lol. But don’t worry, if you are self conscious, try a padded bra, or if you’re big enough, try a push up. It’s not that big of a deal to have small boobs, many women do.

  13. ME!!! said :

    I’m a A-cup
    i could still fit in em until i was 15 and a half
    don’t worry bout this some girls develop very late or don’t develop at all
    I’d hate to have like a D-cup because I’d hate to have all the boys ogling over them

  14. taylor w said :

    like 7-10 im 14 now and wear a C but heyy enjoy not having guys stare at yer chest.

  15. ♥ maggie ♥ said :

    14 and counting… lol

  16. big ones said :

    im 14 and im in size 36C and im loving all the attention. dont freak out about it


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