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How much will a motorcycle finance cost each month for 36 or 48 months ?

I am planning on buying a motorcycle. I want to buy from a private seller. The motorcycle costs $9000. I plan to pay my loan back by 36-48 months. How much will my payments be each month for the 36-48 months. Is it possible to get a loan for it because its from a private seller not a dealer?

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3 Responses to “How much will a motorcycle finance cost each month for 36 or 48 months ?”

  1. Cookie Preston said:

    You cannot calculate your payback rate without knowing the interest rate of your loan. The monthly payment will vary depending on the interest amount of your loan. If you want a loan for $9000 and you pay it back over 4 years (48 months) at an 8% interest rate you payments are $219.72 a month. Paying it back over time like that will cost you a total of about $10,500. That’s the $9000 plus interest on the loan. You can calculate different amounts by going to the automatic calculator at: You can get more detailed information by also clicking on “showing me the calculations”. It is possible to get a loan for buying from a private seller, especially if you have a good credit history.

  2. hondafmxfan said:


    It Looks like youve got already got it nailed by the first answer

  3. PonyDriver said:

    You really have to go to a bank and find out what their fees are for loans for used motorcycles. Generally around 7%-10% depending on the length of the loan and value of the motorcycle and also your own credit score.


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