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How much to hire a mechanic to just take a look at by motorbike?

Im having a problem with my motorbike and i dont have a clue whats wrong, How much to you wreckon it would be to hire a mechanic to just take a look at the bike, not do any repairs just yet.
nevermind guys, i have just this moment found the problem, the engine cut off was on XD. Now i feel like a right idiot.

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4 Responses to “How much to hire a mechanic to just take a look at by motorbike?”

  1. craigmacdonald62 said :

    Push it down to a shop and give the mechanic sixty bucks, he’ll put you in the right direction, do you have a manual, maybe now is the time to try and diagnose it yourself remember everything works on a principal and you have entered the world of zen and motorcycle maintenance. good luck

  2. Mr A+ Maverick 1965 ! said :

    About £20-00 per Hour for an Inspection !

  3. azharleyriderxl said :

    What is happening with your bike? Symptoms, etc… Post that as a question and I am sure you will get some responses on things to check.

    do you h ave a friend who is a competent mechanic, or at least knowledgeable?

    Your motor needs compression, air, fuel and spark to run. motors are very simple. update this with some symptoms or send a private message to me and I will give you some things to check before you pay a shop rate.

    Although there is a variety of mechanics, your BEST bet is to take it to a dealer (provided they will work on your scoot–Harley won’t work on a couple of mine so I have to do it). They are the experts on that machine. They will usually charge an hour of labor to diagnose the problem. When they finish, if they say you need (insert part here), and they think that will fix it, tell them, if it doesn’t, then you are not paying for it. Remember, they are the experts.

    A few years back, I took an old chevy S-10 to the dealer. They said “we think its the fuel pump” I said replace it, but if it doesn’t cure the problem, I am not paying for it. you are mr. goodwrench and you don’t get to guess on my dime. They replaced it, it didn’t work, and I didn’t pay for it. speak to the manager if you have to.

  4. teknodogg said :

    50~75/hr to check

    or just ask your friends or post question on forums of the symptons

    LOL @ engine cut off was on…noobie mistake =D we all have our learning curve


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