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How much do car dealerships take of a damaged car?

On the May bank holiday I ordered a new car with my old car as part-exchange. A couple of weeks ago someone keyed my car and I’m not sure whether to get it fixed, own up to the dealership or just leave it and hope they don’t notice it. Help please!
My old car is 4 years old and I manged to squeeze £4500 out of them. The scratch is about 30cm long.

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10 Responses to “How much do car dealerships take of a damaged car?”

  1. Timbo is here said:

    They will most likely have taken full details of any damage and some even photograph the cars now as well. best to fix or own up or the deal might not happen on the day you go to collect the new one.

  2. J G said:

    It depends on the age & value of your car: Most dealers will send part ex vehicles straight to auction anyway unless they’re very young or of high value.

  3. SJ2009 said:

    How big is the scratch? I wouldn’t worry to much they’re dying to sell cars at the moment!

  4. WENDEL HOMES said:

    Don’t worry the dealers never lose out, normally it is far better to do a private sale of your old car; then ask your Bank for a loan to add to your cash stake on the newer car; full cash in hand is a great bargaining tool to hit the dealers hard in the pocket.

    UNLESS of course you qualify for the generous government deal which allows £2000.00 off of a BRAND NEW CAR, providing that you have owned the traded-in car (WHATEVER IT’S CONDITION) for over a year (Because the traded car will be SCRAPPED), this deal of course does NOT apply for the purchase of pre-owned cars.

  5. tushar said:

    depend on market rate.

  6. A U M said:

    Let it be as it is. Don’t do any thing on the car. If they want to lower the price a little bit, lit it. Because, if you repair, it will cost you and any way the buyers (if are brokers) will bargain on it.
    If the buyers are genuine, the won’t reduce the price, else you can’t blame them.

    Best of luck.

  7. N said:

    I wouldnt bother with it. Chances are it wont make much of a difference in your old cars value.

    Unless they took pictures of it, how do they know it wasnt there before when they appraised it ?

    The same manager might not even be there when you go back.

  8. pancho said:

    Might be a bit underhand, but leave it alone and my guess would be that the dealer doesn’t notice it. Not many dealers carry out full appraisals on part exchanges so chances are they will think the scratch was there when they valued your car. If they do notice it, just plead ignorance and tell them you can’t afford to take any less.

  9. FreakyGeeky said:

    Why the hell do people key cars? So stupid.

  10. Sophie B said:

    I wouldn’t worry about a scratch…if you crunched a fender that would be a different story…..


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