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How much are you supposed to weigh to fit into size 11 shorts for juniors?

I currently can fit into size 10 misses and 13 juniors but the 13s are a little tight.I wiegh 152.How much weight do I need to lose to fit into size 11 and how long to do it?
Soorry I fit comfortably into a misses size 8
I’m also 5’4

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12 Responses to “How much are you supposed to weigh to fit into size 11 shorts for juniors?”

  1. Jesus&GodRLOVE<3 said :

    it also depends on how tall u are. So, I guess come back and tell us l8r.

  2. CookieBear said :

    all u have to do is exercise. why cant u just jear a size 12 or 13? why do u need a 11?

  3. said :

    On average, I find that for every 5 pounds I lose I go down a size. So since 13’s are a little tight for you, I’ll count 150 as your weight for a size 13.

    Here’s a chart for you:

    13 ___150
    12 ____145
    11 ____140
    10 ____ 135
    9 ____ 130
    8 _____ 125
    7 _____ 120
    6 _____ 115
    5 _____ 110
    4 _____ 105
    3 _____ 100
    2 ____ 95
    1 ___ 90
    0 ____ 85
    00 ____ 80

    It should take you about 5 weeks, or a little more than a month to get to a size 11.

  4. bubble_wrap0428 said :

    I weigh 150 and I am wearing size 11 juniors right now.. i work out a lot and probably have more muscle, that’s why I weigh more and wear a smaller size

  5. Sanjana D said :

    How old are you ? that makes a difference. but to fit into 11 i think you have to lose about 15lbs because that will allow you to lose about 3 inches i think

  6. Lo25 said :

    take up running.. its super cheap, all you need is a good pair of running shoes, and don’t worry about dieting, just eat healthy.. you probably only need to lose 5-10 lbs.. weight train too, it really tones you up and you’ll be smaller because you’ll be more toned and muscle takes up less room than fat.

  7. Caitin said :

    its very difficult to answer this question because not everyone’s body is the same. you may be 152 pounds and 5’4″ but with your frame you may look lighter, or heavier, and it also depends where the weight is coming from (bone, fat, or muscle) and how your body divides the weight. that chart someone typed in isnt correct for everyone. im 5’2″ and when i was 140 i wore a size 7, and now im down to 130 and wear either a size 3, 5 or 7 depending on the brand. thats another thing – brand. at some stores, size 6 is huge on me. at the mall, 6 size feels like a size 2. my guess tho is that you’ll have to lose 7-10 pounds to go down to size 11. with a healthy diet and exercise plan, you can lose 2 pounds of fat in a week. so we’re looking at about a month to reach your goal.

  8. timetravellingbunny said :

    It’s not how much you weigh, it’s your measurements. Size 11 pants will typically fit a 30 inch waist and 40 inch butt (but may vary depending on the store).

  9. Shady said :

    it all depends on your body type. I’m a size 11 and weigh 190. I’m only 5’3, idk where all my weight is bcuz I don’t look extremely fat, I look good how I am. I’m sure you do too so you shouldn’t have to sqeeze into some pants, unless u really need to.

  10. Toning it up said :

    I am 5’6 1/4″ I weigh currently 157 and I wear a size 5 in juniors , I have lost seven sizes in 2 months without really even trying, not sure how, or why, the scale is not reflecting as much my heaviest was 210 lbs and I was in a size 12. Yet even as I dropped the scale pounds I remained in a 12..confusing. If anyone can explain this to me I’m all ears

  11. Wayne Rochel said :

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