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How many baby car seats can you fit in the back seats of a Fiat Grande Punto?

I will be renting a car for my next spring holiday and I have 3 kids age 4 yrs, 2 yrs and 6 months. I can barely fit the car seats in my Zafira and I’m afraid that I will need to rent a big car to accomodate the seats. Thanks for your time!

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3 Responses to “How many baby car seats can you fit in the back seats of a Fiat Grande Punto?”

  1. loki_only1 said :

    Do fiats even have a back seat?!? Do you have another adult coming with you, because if you do…. there is NO way you’re gonna fit 5 people in that car.

    Sorry toots…. one of the downsides of reproducing…. is having to utilize a minivan periodcially! No minivan?! ok… a chevy malibu or dodge stratus or that kinda car might accomidte the car seats for the kids. Or you could always go the macho SUV route.

  2. ursula r said :

    there are cars you can put 3 baby seats in plus you driving but not anymore 2 in the back, one in front but its not good to have one in the front, i would go with a suv or even something bigger cause after all you need to be safe, good luck.

  3. Simon Bartolotto said :

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