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How Long can you stay on a motorbike for?

if i rode my honda CBR 125 to cheshire it would take me about 4 hours 30 mins. is that to long to be on a motorbike for? is there a limit?

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20 Responses to “How Long can you stay on a motorbike for?”

  1. Roundthread said :

    No limit. It just depends how long your backside can put up with it.

  2. [email protected] said :

    there is no limit but common sense should prevail have you even got a licence did you do a theory test ??

  3. Donnie S said :

    It is more about stamina. There is no limit as long as you are practicing safety. When I ride that long the only thing that hurts is my butt.

    Be sure to wear a helmet and protective clothing.

  4. wrinklyone said :

    There is no limit but i would remind you to take regular breaks as tiredness can kill.

  5. Jay P said :

    The only limit is the one you determine for yourself. I can go for about 6 hours of straight riding before I feel the need to take a break.

  6. sponge said :

    There is no limit if you’ve been duck taped to the bike!

  7. indianjohn said :

    My Old Man is coming from Utah straight to Texas right now Prob just be stopping for gas & Food

    In the last 12 days he has rode from Texas To Las Vegas then to utah

    We ride non stop from Houston to South Dakota in August

  8. glenburnfire1 said :

    Back in the day when I was younger and in better shape some of my military buddies and I came back from deployment with a bunch of leave time. So we decided that we would go see all of our families together on the bikes. We went from Camp Pendleton near San Diego to Texas to Louisana to Georgia to Maryland to New Hampshire to Maine and back to San Deigo. In 3 weeks. So I guess what I am saying is you can stay on a bike as long as you are stubborn enough to stay on the bike. By the way I was riding a CBR 600 F4i not the bike I would recommend for a road trip like that.

  9. ninebadthings said :

    I can still do 6 hours with pleasure. Check out the movie ‘from dust to glory’ if you want to see some serious saddle time.

  10. Eddie J said :

    Movies can’t give you real time. Take breaks whenever you feel the need. Just because Joe Shmo can ride 8 hours doesn’t mean you can. Joe might have a Mustang seat vs. your stock one.

  11. bomsgym said :

    There is an unspoken limit that directly corresponds to the limit of common sense you have.
    After about six hours, my common sense tells me I’m too sore and tired to continue safely.
    A certified Iron Butt would laugh at that, but my butt is usually thankful.

  12. Grayfox said :

    i’ve found that it really depends on how rested up you are if you are on a comfortable bike. i left after work [as a carpenter] for a road trip once and after about 10 hours i had enough and needed to take a break. coming back from that weekend though i was pretty well rested and went for about 12-13 hours only stopping for fuel.

    as others have said the limit is when you feel your body saying it’s had enough, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours, if you feel tired stop for a bit get some fuel and a snack rest up for about 30 mins see how it feels. if you get your second wind keep on going, if you don’t feel better then you know how far you can go next time, just plan it so you can get back home or to your destination before you get too tired to move on.

    go for it.

  13. Big kid said :

    No limit. Ride all day and all night as long as your bum back and arms can take it

  14. philipscown said :

    The time you can stand it will depend on: your stamina, the bike’s comfort, bike reliability, the weather, the quality of your bike clothing, and traffic conditions.

    It is possible to ride all day stopping only for petrol and food. I’ve done some big European miles like that – but not on a 125.

    If you haven’t done it before then you either need to get some practice in first to develop stamina and see if it’s possible; or allow a lot longer than 4hrs 30 for the journey.

    If you do it, and like it, you’ll feel heroic. If you don’t like it you’ll be dreading the return journey.

    Good luck.

  15. ShuggieMac said :

    These people saying that they can ride six hours must be powered by magic mushrooms. I have been riding bikes for more than twenty years and done many tours but never yet owned one that would actually move at any speed at all and go for six hours without the need to stop and refuel.

    A four and a half hour trip is perfectly feasible. Your backside and the fuel tank will decide when you stop in any case. Boredom will also kick in at that length of time on a 125. Budget for five and a quarter hours for the journy taking a couple of breaks along the way.

  16. RSJ B said :

    Its down to how comfortable you are on your bike and how comfortable the bike is. Also common sense prevails regarding fatigue, tiredness etc.

    When out on my VFR after a good nights sleep, its easy to spend all day on such a comfy bike. riding through the Welsh mountains keeps me alert too.

    Go with the flow and see what works for you. Its not a competition. its about your enjoyment. Ride as much or as little as you chose

  17. motorrobin said :

    Take regular breaks, to avoid, becoming too fatigued, as your consentration will drop off and your more at risk of an accident.
    Also if your seating int to commfortable, which a CBR125 isnt going to be amazingly so.. you need to take breaks to get blood circulating in your legs and crutch area..etc. As long hours on a bike can lead to back ache, loss of feelings in the crutch area, pins and needles in legs, Wrist aches, hand cramps, stiff neck n shoulders, and feeling like some one has given you a kick in the bum!.

    Ive riden a 125cc 400miles and i was numb in the wrong places for days.

    Look on the web about numbness for cyclists- youll be suprised to find out how riding horses,cycles and motorcycles can cause temporary or pernament damage to you .

  18. Chris W said :

    there is no limit. its jst like a car as long you dont fall asleep

  19. ElectronProbabilityCloud said :

    Have a couple of tea breaks on the way to stave off the arse-ache.

  20. Royal Shambley said :

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