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How is the Weight Watchers system more effective than just counting calories?

From what I’ve heard about it, you count points. But, how is that any better than counting calories?

I’m wondering because I really need to lose weight through diet since I’ve injured my knee and can’t count on exercise to lose weight. All I can do is walk and that isn’t going to help burn anything extra. It’ll just help maintain my weight.

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4 Responses to “How is the Weight Watchers system more effective than just counting calories?”

  1. Love_ said :

    Try this website called

    It’s a calorie counting website that’s really good and the people are just so supportive. I’ve lost 20 pounds since joining that site, so it’s pretty amazing. And it’s free, too! 😀

  2. 사랑해 포커스!! (유준 & 칸준 ♥) said :

    First off: Weight Watchers isn’t a reduced calorie-diet.

    Their points are calculated by counting in calories, fat and fiber. Generally, foods higher in fiber and lower in fat tend to have lower points.

    Weight Watchers isn’t a diet at all. It’s a life-style change and only works if YOU’RE ready to become healthy and lose the weight FOR YOU.

    It’s not something that you can just do online; the key to Weight Watchers is the meetings. You get advice from people and support from others that are like you and have been in similar situations.

    Losing weight requires commitment, not dieting. All “dieting” is is the word “die” with a “t” thrown on.

  3. mr217shoestospare said :

    When I was on it I felt it was great for folks like me that just needed a simpler way to control intake and portions while still keeping things healthy. If you can count calories and limit your fat while keeping a daily balanced diet, you’re really doing the same thing-just counting in a different way…and more power to ya. WW worked great for me but I’d bet money on it that no matter how great I thought it was, it may not be the ideal program for others. I think we all have weaknesses and areas we need help in when dieting. It’s different for everyone. The WW plan worked well for me because it addressed the things that I wasn’t good at and it kept things simple. If you’re committed to a diet and it works-then that’s the plan that’s best for you. JMO…

  4. Tobi Fishbeck said :

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