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How is it that asian car manufacturers build more reliable cars?

According to a few sites I have come across I have seen figures that say Japanese and even Korean car manufacturers build more reliable cars than European manufacturers. How is this possible? I would have thought European cars would be more reliable since you are usually paying a higher price.

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3 Responses to “How is it that asian car manufacturers build more reliable cars?”

  1. schmittyman777 said :

    The japanese I’m assuming is what you mean by the “asian” car
    companies. Japanese car companies over the years have always
    strived for quality instead of quantity and it has paid off in the long run.
    You pay more for a European car because they have higher standards
    of luxury but if you want quality you definitely need to look in to a
    honda, toyota, acura, lexus, or subaru these are the top 5 car
    companies that come from the japanese. Also you may want to avoid
    asian car companies like kia and Suzuki they actually have lower
    quality then American cars, just a heads up(koreans don’t build good
    cars) I know im probably going to take a few hits for radding on
    American cars but realistically a foreign car is the best for the amount of money you pay.

  2. Lacieles said :

    You’d be surprised, this is not the case in Asia itself. Some Japanese models themselves are fuel consuming, such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Korean Cars, such as Hyundai Accent never hit the top notch before. Malaysian Cars, such as Proton Gen-2 Persona is very fuel consuming and is not problem free (we were scratching our heads trying to get certain things fixed). China products… look at the star ratings.
    Here in Asia, people would rather spend on reliable cars. Toyota, Honda and Daihatsu makes the best cheap cars here in Asia. KeiCars are the most famous here, since it saves fuel and also on parking, with the CC below 1000 and the size of a small city car, and currently leading by Daihatsu.

  3. JOE said :

    It depends on which make and model of car we are talking about. And when you consider that, then that is NOT always the case.


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