How important is the boyfriends car to girls?

To girls: Would you date a guy that does not have a car, if you have one to drive him and yourself places? Would it be any different if he is saving money for a car? This is your first date with him.

To guys: How comfortable would you be, if you did not have a car, to ask a girl out on a first date? Would you even ask at all if you don’t have a car to drive?

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8 Responses to “How important is the boyfriends car to girls?”

  1. Matt said:

    it is the single most important thing ever.

  2. Alli said:

    depends how old you are.. im 19 and i would not date a guy that didnt have a car to drive.. sry but if it was like high school, i prob wouldnt care because not everybody gets cars when they are in high school..

  3. Dejanira said:

    I would not date a guy who doesn’t have a car, however i will go out with him if it is that he is saving for one.

  4. Breeny said:

    It’s not really important to me. Where I live it’s easy to walk most places, which would be fine with me if I didn’t have a car. Since I do, I probably wouldn’t mind driving, but hopefully he would help me out with gas money once in awhile. If he were saving money for a car, then that’s cool. I would help him look for one, but like I said it’s not a big deal to me.

    Oh, I suppose it depend on WHY he doesn’t have one. If he’s had cars before and wrecked them all, then he would seem reckless and I wouldn’t want to be with him. If he just couldn’t afford one then that’s fine because times are tough haha. As long as he has a job, and he probably has other things to pay for. So if he didn’t have a job, no intention of getting a job or a car then no. But again that doesn’t have any thing to do with a car, that’s just his lazy personality.

  5. Olivia said:

    no i wouldnt date a guy without a car
    yea it might be different, but he better at least have a car to borrow for the date

  6. P S said:

    It depends on the age, really. If you’re just out of High School I understand. Hell, I drove my boyfriend around for the first 2 years of our relationship, but he’s doing all the driving now. I’m just kicking back in the passenger seat!

    Rule: If you find a girl that will drive you till you get a car, you’d better pay her back the favor when you finally get one.

  7. Emma J said:

    It would be wierd to date a guy with ONE: a car that is dirty I don’t think i could. SECOND: a guy with no car I could do that as long as Ididn’t have to get him drive him places things like that.

  8. gary said:

    Living in this new age where both sexes are equal, having a car or not is not a big issue. But if the partner love your material achievement rather than what you are, then can you still call that LOVE?

    Anyway, girls are physically weaker than we men in nature. So, it’s the law of nature that men is responsible to protect girls. If you can afford everything so that she don’t even have the slightest worry in life, then great and is in fact what every man should be doing to his loved one.


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