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How does car insurance work when driving other peoples cars?

I have a 200bhp car and my car insurance provider (quinn direct) allows me to drive other peoples cars 3rd party as long as the cars not in my name.

Does that mean I could drive a 400bhp car then and be insured or is it limited to cars under my insurance group?

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8 Responses to “How does car insurance work when driving other peoples cars?”

  1. yellow_tofu said :

    i have a 315bhp car, and I don’t let other people drive it. you can drive other peoples cars, as long as the car itself is insured it doesnt matter the horse power.

  2. Vicky S said :

    Either you or they or both of you will be insured to drive a vehicle you do not own. Check the policy terms and small print for categories and exemptions.

  3. Chris J said :

    The normal situation is that it is cars that are considered similar in engine capacity, value and group or lower. However, the only way to be certain about cover is to ring your insurer and ask them. In most cases if it doesn’t you can have it added for a few hours or longer for a nominal charge.

  4. Ambers mate said :

    Its for any but only for 3rd party cover – that is if you have an accident driving someone elses car that is your fault (the car has to be insured by the owner) then the car that you hit will be covered on your insurance but not the one you are driving

  5. holiday1 said :

    Yes, you can drive another car but only at 3rd party. (The insurance will NOT pay for any damage to the car you’re driving). It would be prudent to telephone the respective insurance companies in the first place to qualify your position/insurance.

  6. turkystick said :

    Yes you can drive any car and it don’t matter what engine is in the car. 3rd party means if you smash up the other car you won’t get it fixed by the insurance company so you will have to put your hand in your pocket.

  7. Carolina S said :

    well i work for an insurance company and insurance follows the car.
    What that means is if you drive a car make sure the car has insurance and you will be ok. check out the limits and you should be okay.

  8. Marilu Farrin said :

    Your friend,Niamh


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