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How does a snow tyre improve safety ?

Snow tires were designed to substitute your standard radial tires for the winter season, making your drive on ice and snow safer. Since snow tires have deeper treads than the usual tires, they can increase grip and keep its resilience in cold temperature. They are rated for better grip on slippery road conditions like sleet, ice, mud or flooding.

Even if the tires that come with your car has an “all-season” seal, they still lack the elements needed for extensive driving over many months of steady slush or snowfall. Instead, these all-season tires are designed only for irregular storms or the odd ski trip. Therefore, most safety boards suggest people living in intense climates to invest in snow tires and set them up for the winter weather. Regardless if you have a front or rear drive car, you must use four tires of the same brand with an “M/S” seal, referring to “mud or snow”, and a snowflake icon within a mountain.

The reason snow tires fasten to the road and can enhance safer driving is their material and tread. An organization called “The Rubber Manufacturer’s Association” only provides snow tires with the seal M/S if the manufacturers can follow the requirements of the pattern and depth on their tread. When a particular brand of tires pass the requirements, it means that the tires have the appropriate grooves to toss off snow and stick to the pavement. In addition, the tires should be made of a specialized rubber compound that does not harden at low temperatures, which in turn, distributes the car’s weight on the tires more equally.

Since driving in dangerous conditions makes it even more vital that your tires have the proper inflation, it is best that the tires have the accurate footprint – the part where the tire touches the road, so your car receives the most traction.

The increased rubbing of properly installed snow tires will sustain normal steering, keep your car on the road and enable you to navigate safely in the dark or at greater speeds. Snow tires lessen the probability of hydroplaning and the occurrence of incidents wherein your wheels spin should you hit the brakes at slippery roads.

Although snow tires are considered as specialty tires, they serve as great protection against icy weather, which a standard set of tires cannot provide.

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