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How does a keyless entry car laser work?

I don’t understand what I assume is the complex puzzle of keyless entry car keys. How does the laser work? And how does it only work on ONE car? Or can it work on other cars, but the odds of finding the other cars it can work on are very slim…?

I am in need of an expert! Explain away, someone!

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3 Responses to “How does a keyless entry car laser work?”

  1. forhirepen said :

    Laser? Maybe that’s an aftermarket design.

    The keyless entry “fobs” I know use short range RFID, that is radio frequency identification. Your car and fob exchange a short radio signal. If they ‘shake hands’ okay then your lock opens. The fob has a battery that either gets recharged or replaced every year or two, depending on use.

    These fobs are matched to the car, just like a real key. Your fob won’t work on any other car and vice versa.

  2. Amber W said :

    that guy gave a pretty legit sounding answer id go with what he said!!!

  3. Rusty Morman said :

    Keep working, nice post! Just the info I had to know.


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