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How do you buy a car from the salvation army?

We need a second car for both my husband and I to drop our kids off at daycare and go to work. We figured out our bills and can olny aford the insurance on another car, not another car payment. I have heard that people donate their cars to the salvation army and was wondering who they sell them to and what I need to do to buy one. Or if anyone in the lansing mi area that has a cheap, good running one for sale, I would be willing to look at it.

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One Response to “How do you buy a car from the salvation army?”

  1. nick@night said :

    The vehicles donated to the Salvation Army, St.Vincent De Paul and Volunteers of America are actually sold on car lots, operated either by the agency or as a courtesy of a local dealer who turns the money over to the agency. Sometimes they are sold at auctions or on eBay. Call the local office of the charity and ask how they sell their cars.


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