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How do I wash my jockstrap to make it softer and make it fit better?

I find jockstraps to be really coarse and it’s hard to find one’s that fit me right. Is there anyway to wash it to make it fit better and be softer and feel more worn?

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4 Responses to “How do I wash my jockstrap to make it softer and make it fit better?”

  1. sevenandahalf7 said:

    use tide with bleach and let it air dry

  2. pain in the back said:

    I have always found it washes better when I use water,detergent and a softener

  3. blackbird said:

    Listen to me – use a very mild soap like lemon scented Palmolive Soap for dishes, or similar type liquid soap. use warm water,

    BUT – use only a small quantity of this soap – then ADD one-third cup of baby oil to soften the fabric. Mix the liquid soap with the baby oil. then wash in warm water.

    let it air-dry – don’t use dryer. then put it on and feel how SOFT it is against your balls. and you’ll love it.

  4. froggie said:

    What brand of jockstrap did you buy? I would chose the DUKE brand of jockstraps they give nice fit and will not be course.


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