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How do I wash my car properly ?

Even if there are numerous towns and cities that offer drive-through or hand-held car wash, less expensive and more thorough car washing can be done at home. Of you want to save some money and make sure that your car is spotless, you can follow these simple steps.

Gather all the necessary supplies and tools, including two or three sponges, a bucket, liquid soap, a few dry towels and a hose connected to a water supply, which can provide a heavy spray. Any liquid soap will do, but it is best to use soap specifically made for washing cars.

Make sure to park your car where there is shade. It is better to dry it with a towel instead of the heat of the sun. Before you wash your car, you must first rinse it thoroughly from top to bottom. Make sure that your water pressure is strong to loosen all the unnecessary dirt in your car, making it easier to wash. Make sure that you include the wheels, tires and undercarriage on the rinsing.

Next is to make a mixture of soap and water on a bucket. Use a sponge to wash your car starting from the top and work your way all the way down. Scrub your car thoroughly and gently – enough to loosen the dirt but not to hard that you could scratch it. Wash it part by part so the soap won’t dry out. After scrubbing the roof, rinse the sponge and again, scrub the roof and thoroughly rinse it with water and do the same process on the windows and all the way down.

Remember to wash the undercarriage of your car as well as the wheels and tires. If your car is high off the ground, you can easily slide through and scrub underneath to loosen some of the dirt. If not, you can just spray and rinse underneath your car with a strong spray of water.

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