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How do I tell the car repair guy that I will have to call him back?

I’m getting my car serviced for a second opinion on a Transmission. I’m expecting it to cost a lot. But I have to discuss the cost with my grandma. How do I tell the repair guy that

1) I’m will have to call him back and let him know if I will fix the car or not?

2) If it costs to much, how to I tell him in a nice way that it’s to much money?

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5 Responses to “How do I tell the car repair guy that I will have to call him back?”

  1. Rick M said :

    I own a shop and I expect a customer will want some time to consider a major repair…just let me know when you will get back to me and please follow through. What is the definition of too much? More than you can afford to pay? more than the car is worth, or perhaps you don’t quite understand what is involved….ask me more questions and explain what you need to accomplish, there are usually options

  2. salrobyn123 said :

    you’re not going to be the first person to say it but ive always said its best to just be honest tell him what you’re doing and he should understand just tell him up front so you don’t get jammed up and make you’re self look like a ass good luck and be honest

  3. The Lemur v1.03 said :

    I would not be so concerned with being so polite and nice. It’s very considerate of you but you have to realize that if you chose not to have your car fixed it is really your business and thats all. You dont need reasons. Also, frequently these tranny guys are scam artists. Ive had them pressure me to get repairs that I needed right then and I said no I have to think about it. My car went another 100,000 miles and never had the repair he mentioned before I sold it.

  4. yyc45 said :

    You can say the car is not belong to you, otherwise the mechanic will trying to upsell you a lot of stuff. If you say the car is belong to your grandmom and you have to speak to her about the repair, they won’t bother you any more or you can tell him straight that you will do it next time.

  5. PattyAnn said :

    Most car service people are more than glad for you to take your time to get back to them, but please get back to them as soon as possible. You don’t have to tell him it’s too much money. He knows what his prices are, and the chances are good he has more work than he knows what to do with. He will welcome you coming back and taking your car somewhere else.
    Just say “Thanks, I’ll get back to you.” He’ll probably ask what you want him to do with your car.


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