How do I sell my motorcycle with negative equity?

I’m trying to sell my motorcycle, but I’m upside down. Can I sell the motorcycle and take out a loan to pay off the negative equity. How would this work? Thanks.

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5 Responses to “How do I sell my motorcycle with negative equity?”

  1. Lover not a Fighter said:

    > but I’m upside down.

    Find out how much you are upside down. You have to at least come up with the diff.

    Good luck…

  2. Bart S said:

    nobody buys a motorcycle as an investment
    they buy a motorcycle for fun, excitement, for something to spend your free time with.

  3. BIG TONY said:

    Geez – am I in the wrong section? This is bikes people – not a finance advisory column.You want to talk bikes fine – you want to talk investments see an accountant.Go spread the good word elsewhere – I think I’m gonna throw up…..

  4. BIGGER TONY said:

    Uh oh, someone upset my little brother’s stomach with something complicated like….MATH.

    Quick! Bend over while I drive this Harley up your ass, Little T. That should take your mind off of your stomach.

  5. August Folmar said:

    An intelligent solution – zero BS – which makes a new pleaasnt change.


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