How do i keep my huge pond clean?

I plan on making a pond the size of a football field and about 20-25 feet deep, planning on making a rope swing near it so me and my friends can jump, swim, rope swing and what not. How can i keep this pond clean enough to swim in it? It is quite the ways out from my house and it will be near a bunch of trees.

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5 Responses to “How do i keep my huge pond clean?”

  1. freezerspider said:

    Hire a very attractive “pond keeper”

    Find a pro who can care for it so you don’t have to do it.

  2. andrea w said:

    wawa with a lemon and some poppy seeds on an indonesian bagel.. maybe some tissues with flowers on them would be nice and how bout a kangaroo with a fork in his butt?? well i should go lick the dust off my dogs fetchball and maybe i’ll go jogging to lose some weight. i love you too sweetheart from dave and busters!!!!

  3. edward I said:

    20-25 feet deep
    You can keep it clean with lots of $$$$$ for equipment, filter, chemicals, and electricity.

  4. Rainy said:

    filtration is the key to keeping it clean . .

  5. Farm bred, grain fed, all natural said:

    Barley straw will keep the algae out of it. Just puchase some barley straw bales and sink them into the pond.


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