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How do i fit breakfast into my work schedule?

I work early and long hours. 10 hour days beginning at 4am. I can’t seem to fit breakfast into my schedule. As soon as i wake up its time to run out the door. I can’t seem to find healthy quick foods to munch on.

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3 Responses to “How do i fit breakfast into my work schedule?”

  1. Spc said :

    Eat as soon as you wake up, even if its a cup of instant oatmeal, or fruits

  2. Lauren said :

    Try setting up something for breakfast the night before, like slicing up fruit and putting it in a tupperware container. Then you can just grab it and go. Or just grab a whole banana, a nutri-grain bar, granola bar, or anything like that. Even some dry cereal in a small bag will work. A small breakfast is better than no breakfast at all. If that still doesn’t work you may want to try one of those breakfast or fruit drinks

  3. Mellissa Loeffelholz said :

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