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How do I electrify my car to keep my cats off?

It’s a red mazda miata. No carport, no garage. Don’t want to kill or injure, just want to get their attention so the behavior will stop. These are my cats, all 7 of them. No neighbors. Can’t watch car while sleeping. Need a fix that works on its own. Car cover can’t be on it 24/7. A mild jolt, I thought might work, but you guys need to be specific on how I can do this without hurting my petty-pets.

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15 Responses to “How do I electrify my car to keep my cats off?”

  1. craig j said :

    sell the car and buy a nova

  2. A G said :

    That’s cruel. Shame on you!

  3. originalbakerboy said :

    try setting fire to it every night?

  4. Dae (uk/36) said :

    A simple 9v battery and the coil from a household transformer.

  5. john b said :

    Electrifying the body of a car is impossible cos it supplies the negative pole of the cars electrical circuit, try putting cat nip around to keep the cats away

  6. weeman1971 said :

    You cant, because how would you get in to the car, also you could be done if a potential thief got hurt by it.

    you either have the cat and it will sit on the bonnet when warm or you get rid of the cat if you do not want to have it sitting on your car, get a dog much more sociable.

  7. macleod709 said :

    keep them inside

  8. Blossom_Kitty said :

    Honestly I think you’d end up doing more damage to your car than the cats…just hose the car off…cats hate water..and wet areas.

  9. belickcat said :

    perhaps putting a fake cat on top of your car might be deterrent enough.

  10. dee said :


  11. me said :

    buy a dog and dont be so stupid

  12. ifiwasinterestedidbemarxist said :

    worded much better than the last time!

    i think the bloke that said to shoot it with a water pistol had the right idea. gently done, it would probably scare them off the car. if you spent a few days doing that everytime they went on it, they’d be reluctant to go near it.

    worth a try, maybe?

  13. buggerlugs said :

    cover the car with baby oil every night

  14. haplesboylard said :

    Every night im terrified by the thought of my car being deliberatly vandalised, broken into, or stolen.

    I wish i lived where you are, where the most horrific thing that can happen to your car overnight is a moggy scampering over it.

  15. Allan Vedder said :

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