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How come used motorcycle prices are staying so high?

I have noticed that the price for a used motorcycle is extremely high. I have even seen many USED sport bikes selling ABOVE the MSRP. What is going on? Is it that they feel they should get their money back because they didn’t use it allot? Or is it that they only wanted it long enough to get the next newest bike and feel that they deserve their money back?
This is getting out of control. I will add more details if needed.

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9 Responses to “How come used motorcycle prices are staying so high?”

  1. Robert W said :

    Supply and demand, I suppose.. If you’re looking for a bike, maybe you should go to several sources and try to talk them down. Maybe they are posting what they PRAY to get, but know they’ll accept a lot less.. Offer book.. if they don’t want it, walk away.

  2. Me again said :

    As fuel prices increase, people look for ways to save money. A sport bike can get better mileage than even an economy car, so demand for them goes up. Supply and demand keeps the price higher than it would if gas were cheaper. And people tend to think their bike is worth more than it is, so you have to look at how much they actually get, not how much they are asking.

  3. mcied150 said :

    the demand is probably high.

  4. jaxgsxr said :

    Definitely supply and demand. Couple that with rises in gas prices and people are going to look for alternative travel means.

  5. slipstream said :

    supply is up & demand is down…….theese are people just trying to recover their investment…..if you can buy a new one for the same price…why would you consider a used one… used to be that a select few….such as harley davidson [ when you had to get on a waiting list]…..people could charge as much as they liked…..this is no longer the case….listing,s for used bike,s are high….allway,s is this time of year….end of season….best to buy now….price,s in the spring will soar….but don,t be fooled by high price,s for used…..if their close to new…go for new…with warranty!

  6. shadouse said :

    I am helping a friend look for a sports bike and all the bikes have really dropped in prices. They drop 20% in less than a year and almost 50% in 3 years. Not sure what part of the country you are in but in Dallas a used motorcycle is cheap.

  7. Tom B said :

    I live in Pennsylvania and bike prices are cheap, examples: Brand NEW Suzuki C50 is $4895, Yamaha FZ6 $5495, Yamaha 1300 V Star $6995.
    In Pennsylvania we can only ride for 5 or 6 months outta the year and most dealers offer used bikes for sale with less than 3000 miles. Its common to find used bikes with very low mileage around here, out west where you can ride all year, its common to see used bikes with 20,000 to 30,000 miles going for the same price.

  8. forktail_devil said :

    has the bike been modded? like, a big bore kit, stage2/3? how about if its all decked out in chrome? this is why i dont put all these fancy extra’s on my scoot. chrome wont get u home, and others wont put the same value on chrome either.
    harley’s have historically been high resellers. but ever since the 96″ engine, the market has become flooded with used bike because now everyone wants 1, and probably cant afford 2 bikes. if u are looking at harley’s, that’s why. and a big bore kit i would say is more worthy of a higher price than a bunch of lame chrome add-on’s.
    if u want cheap, go metric.

  9. Tomas F said :

    If u want ot buy a used biker, I advise u to have a try on a site called bikerkiss. It is a community motorcycle enthusiasts. I think u will find what u want there.


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