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How can you prevent your car from being stolen when someone else has taken your keys?

Someone unknown walked past and lifted our car (and house) keys which we left absentmindedly lying around for a couple of minutes while our backs were turned. We have a spare set of keys and both sets include one of those automatic central-locking remote buttons. This happened at church so they will be on the look out for our car next time we attend (we’re regulars). They know what our car looks like and they might find out what our names’ are or follow us home. We have a spare car as well. Any ideas?
Thanks for your great answers, they’re very helpful, I just don’t want them to win!!
Thanks for your great answers, they’re very helpful – I just don’t want them to win!!

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5 Responses to “How can you prevent your car from being stolen when someone else has taken your keys?”

  1. weee said :

    id bring it to the dealer and get it re keyed also i would do the same for what ever the keys are for honestly who steals during church

  2. dodge man said :

    you can disable the car by disconnecting any of the important wires for the ignition circuit on it,this will not allow it to start,no matter who has a key,take it to a local shop,and have then show you the easiest one to disconnect,this may also help you catch your thief,good luck with it.

  3. stickyfingers said :


  4. Steve Stifler said :

    Yeah get the old remotes disabled and get new ones programed on a different frequency or however the program it so the old one can’t work. And then I would change the ignition switch where you put the key so it can’t be started without a lot of work. Also I would suggest changing the locks in your house. If you still don’t feel safe put that car in the garage and use the spare car for a while maybe that person will give up. if you don’t you might want to put an alarm on the car some of the alarms if it goes off the car won’t start at all. Good Luck teach that person a lesson.

  5. Ron M said :

    One solution would be to get an aftermarket car alarm with its own remotes and a starter interrupt (kill switch).

    This way, the key-lifter might be able to open your car door, but won’t be able to get the car started.

    A cheaper solution would be to get a “club” – one of those devices which locks the steering wheel and brake pedal.

    Seriously, though … Don’t keep anything important or incriminating in your car and make sure its insurance is up to date… then let whatever happens, happen. Its just a car.

    Grand theft auto is a bigger deal than petty theft keys.
    There is a better than average chance that given the environment you lost your keys, the perpetrator was a kid – maybe even a very small kid, used to playing with keys. Keep an eye on the lost and found at your church.


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