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How can you get fit for a retainer before your braces are off?

My ortho said my next appointment I am getting fit for my retainer (he said it will be a two hour long appointment too!), and then the appointment after that I am getting my braces off. How does that work?

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3 Responses to “How can you get fit for a retainer before your braces are off?”

  1. Ritz said :

    may be you are being fitted with the fixed retainers in which retainers are fixed on the back side of the teeth. for more information on retainers you can visit the following link

  2. Beachlover35 said :

    I have no idea! The way my orthodontist does it is you get your braces off, then get fitted for your retainer, then take it home from the appointment. But Congrats on getting them off! I’m getting them off next month!

  3. ღErinღ said :

    When I got fitted for my retainer, I still had braces on. (still do! until monday :])

    They just fill up a tray with some weird rubbery goo and put it in your mouth. It’s a bit unnerving and might make you gag but it’s all good.

    For me they popped out the wire and just shoved the tray down my throat and like a minute later it was done, then they did the bottom.

    If it’s taking two hours though, you might have a different process or different types of retainers.

    Or they’re gonna do a real good cleaning. Who knows?


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