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How can I replace my engine valve seals ?

If your car is blowing blue smoke when you’re going down the road or if you’re idling, this means that your valve guide oil seals are already worn out. It is very easy to replace your car’s engine valve seals. All you need is the right tools and some simple tips.

To replace your engine valve oil seals, you will need a wrench set, hammer, pliers, air compressor, socket wrench, valve spring tool, screwdrivers and a compression gauge. The first thing you need to do is disassemble your engine until you can get access to your cars’ valve spring. You will also have to remove the cover of your cylinder heads, push rods and rocker arms. Remember to take the spark plug out to avoid any accidents while performing the task.

Turn your air compressor on and set to sixty to ninety psi, the valve seals you are replacing should be on the top dead center of the cylinder when you turn the crankshaft on. Secure the compression gauge in the spark plug slot and connect the compressor hose to pressurize your cylinder. The pressure will keep your cylinder seals in a close position for you to replace it easier.

Use your valve spring tool to compress the springs of your valve and take the valve keepers out using a magnet. The valve keepers may stick in the valve retainers but you can use your hands for a little bump or a hammer if necessary to loosen the keepers. Keep the valve keepers into the engine by packing towels around the area. Now, you can remove the valve springs.

Use pliers to take the valve seals out and replace it with the new ones. Go back to the steps to reassemble the engine, install the keepers using a magnet and when you finish removing the valve spring compressor, use a hammer to tap the top of the valve and secure the keepers.

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