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how can I remove rust from my car ?

If your car’s body starts to corrode, it is best to apply some simple rust removal and blend the color to maintain its look. This process may cost you if you bring your car to a shop for detailing and maintenance. However, there are numerous ways you can do this job yourself, although it may take some time and a few steps to accomplish. If you have a couple of days to spare, here are some tips on how to remove rust from your car.

Usually, corrosion starts from the damaged finish of the car. The spots where the rust is seen will increase as oxidation occurs on the metal itself. You can start removing the rust from your car by gathering all the necessary tools. The things you’ll need are rubber gloves, dusk mask and safety glasses for protection. Painter’s tape and paint tarp will also be necessary as well as fine grit of sand paper. Finally, a small amount of rust acid is needed for the cleaning of the corroded part.

Start by placing a cover the area surrounding the scratch by using a painter’s tape around it. The pain goal here is to avoid the rust from spreading on parts that are still in great shape. Before you start removing the rust from your car, make sure that the windows are all closed to avoid the tiny particles of rust to enter inside the car.

Start with the thicker layer of rust using a sanding wheel. Remember not to rush this step to avoid further damage in the metal. Once the thick layer of rust is removed, you can switch to a fine grit sand paper and get into the fine crannies and nooks. This process guarantees that all the rust is taken off, including little amount of residue, which may have embedded on other areas during the sanding process.

Wipe the sanded part with a clean cloth and apply a thin coat of rusting acid to the area. Again, wipe the area with a clean cloth and let it dry. Make sure that you will to the process if you are certain that you can repaint the area within the day, otherwise the bare metal will immediately start to rust again.

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