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How Can I Lose weight effectively when excercise causes weight gain?

I am 35 yrs old and have gone thru premature menopuase. As a result I was using HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy – which contains steroids) for 3 1/2 years. This as well as the menopuase has caused me to gain a lot of weight. I was not aware of the steroids and the effects until I came off the drug. I have been trying to exercise to get it off but I have found that exercising causes me to gain weight. I know weight training is supposed to help but will not be able to sign up for a gym until the next couple months (i’m paying for a vehicle). I would certainly appreciate any suggestions that you might have. The weight is affecting my asthma and I need to get rid of it before other complications set in. I am not used to the weight and have been a professional athlete for at least 15 yrs of my life. People cannot belileve how big I’ve gotten and it’s too personal to explain to them why so I just make excuses although a lot of them believe that I’ve eaten myself to this state.

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5 Responses to “How Can I Lose weight effectively when excercise causes weight gain?”

  1. ioweyounada said:

    What about a riding stationary bike very slowly up to 30 minutes? You can lift weights at home? Buy dumbells and do high reps? Ask your doctor?

  2. Rockford said:

    I would make a meal and menu plan for each day of the week. Break it down to breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Write it all down from Monday to Sunday. Make all the meals strictly low-fat. Read the fat per grams label on the food you are buying. Do not drink sugary drinks like pop and do not eat out. Eat at home. You can also make an exercise plan for each day of the week too. Exercise will not make you gain weight, except swimming and the only reason for that is that people get really hungry after swimming and their appetite increases. But I swam and lost weight by strictly following my written down menu plan. It takes away any cravings. Because you have asthma and medical conditions, concetrate more on the eating right first and start with walking every day. Then as you get lighter, add more excersise if you can. Weight training is a good idea to lose weight. Buy a body fat scale so you really know if you are gaining muslce and losing weight at the same time. Or you could just go by your waist size. It should descrease. I would aim for about a pound a week. You may lose more in the first month, but then it slows and averages out.
    If you really are have bad asthma and have to go on steroids again, maybe your doctor should prescribe you topamax along with it. Its not a weight loss drug, but it is prescribed for migraines, mood disorders and other conditions. Some doctors prescribe it for weight loss, but not many, because of all the side effects. It does work to kill the appetite, but it really should be your last resort as its not the healthy way to loose weight and you may gain it back if you don’t eat healthy or walk anyways.

  3. ozavanti said:

    One thing to take into consideration is that the exercise maybe actually re-building muscle tone and unfortunately muscle weighs more than fat hence the weight gain.

    A work around for this maybe to take measurements using a tape rather than using scales which can be very disheartening.

    As for athsma perhaps look at swimming (a lot of the worlds best swimmers are Athsmatics who took it up to relieve the symptoms) or simply walking – you want to try and keep your heartrate low in the so called “fat burning” zone, which is the place where you can still talk comfortably, but arent just out for a stroll.

    Just remember that time is on your side – just done expect lightening quick results in your case – slow and steady will win the race. The benefit you have is that with your previous professional athlete status is that you should get fit quick and feel better in quicktime.

    One major hint is to drink lots of water. It will flush the system and the body gets used to having it regularly and as such wont look to retain fluid.

  4. France Kilfoyle said:

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  5. Dahlia Steiger said:

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