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How can I get fit again from 2 years off any activity?

I haven’t been active for about 2 years, and I mean not active!

I finised university 2 years ago and I’ve gained about 2 stone since. I was a rugby player but I dont want to get back into that as I dont want to risk injury of that sort of contact sport! I really want to get fit but I don’t know where to start, how should I get back into getting fit? I would like to do it realitively fast too.

Any ideas?

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2 Responses to “How can I get fit again from 2 years off any activity?”

  1. THE"IS" said :

    go to a gym and let the instructor tell u how to start slow an build up

  2. D'tagapayo said :

    Hey Shane, I’ve been where you are, only it was more like five years. You know, wanting to get fit is not the same as wanting to get started getting fit. So many people just want to be in shape BUT see the process of getting there to be so daunting they’ll never get started. The other issue that really works against you is wanting to get fit quickly. It’s going to take as long as it takes so thinking in terms of time is not helpful. In other words, you could’ve said, ‘I want to work really, really hard”, (he he he). So the psychology we come to is, “Wanting to get started working really, really hard to get in shape and not get injured in the process.”
    Next, realize 80% of people who start a fitness program will quit within only eight weeks. Your goal from the start is to be in the minority group that keeps on going. Starting a program at a pace you can stay with is the correct approach. Think of starting something you will stay with for the rest of your life.
    You could start out by going out and joining a gym but who knows if you will even want to stay with this in a few weeks. Depending on how out of condition you are why not start out with walking. If you can plan to walk or jog so many times a week for a certain amount of time then actually complete your goal, you will know you are serious. See, that’s the thing about most people, they think they want to do something until they start doing it.
    You were a rugby player so I’m sure you know about training. You ran and trained with weights and did sprints and zipped up and down the stairs, no? Just start slow with whatever you can get done in like 30 minutes three times this week. Do some sit-ups and push-ups and a little fast walking. Ok, now . . . that’s the end of day one and you are started on your way.
    Let me know if you got started after week one.


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