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How can I email an Apple representative about a question?

There is a problem on my Mac computer keyboard, where when i push the volume button it pulls makes all of the windows push to the side. Anybody have any help? Or how can I contact an apple rep.?

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2 Responses to “How can I email an Apple representative about a question?”

  1. dominp said:

    call them
    if its under warranty its a free call…if its not then its like 60 bucks to talk to them.

  2. rickrudge said:

    Hello Anna banana,

    Somebody set up your Exposé to work with that key button instead of F-10, F-11, F-12. You might know of Exposé as a way of clearing your crowded desktop screen. I set my Exposé keys to the center F-Keys because I would accidentally hit those keys when I’m try to hit the delete key.

    Here’s what you do, Anna. You go into your System Preferences. Under the Personal heading, click inside the Dashboard & Exposé icon. You’ll see the Keyboard and mouse Shortcuts with the various drop-down menus. Just change those to your likeing.

    Also, if I could suggest make a suggestion, consider joining a Macintosh Users Group. A Mac Users Group is an excellent resource that teaches you how to get the most from Mac. Go to this web site and type in your postal zip code and it will tell you where the closest Mac Users Group meets in your area.

    Best of luck.



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