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How can I diagnose my car’s air conditioning problem ?

It is very easy to determine if your car’s air conditioning has a problem. All you need is a dial thermometer and some simple tips. An automobile’s air conditioning system has seven components, the compressor, drier, condenser, evaporator, valve, expansion and the snit-frosting device. However, if your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly, start by checking the control panel on the dashboard. Most of the time, there are just wrong buttons pushed and there really is nothing wrong with the system.

if the problem is not coming from the control panel on the dashboard, you can now check the air conditioning system’s actual control function. Check if they move at all, and maybe they froze and needs some replacement. Then, check the blower fan; start the car and turn the air conditioning system on and observe the blower in its highest setting. Listen to the blower and check if it is moving and if it is, is there any signs of weakness. Whining or weakness in the blower is a sign of malfunction that affect the performance of the car’s air conditioning system. You can have the blower fixed or if needed, have it replaced.

Some of the problems may not be on the air conditioning system’s blower itself but on its fuse. Check your blower’s fuse located under the dashboard. Fuse can easily be identified and busted fuse needs replacement. Try another use with the same rate, and if your blower is still having problem, the car may have a blower with bad motor or short-circuited that needs a mechanic’s attention.

Another problem may come from a low or Freon outage. This case only happens if there are leakages. Normally, a leak means oil build up around the component. Check the condenser for rust and dust, a dirty condenser greatly affects the air conditioning performance. This problem only needs a little cleaning and the air conditioning system’s performance will go back in no time.

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