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How can I change my oil ?

If you have no idea about the process, you may find changing a fuel filter quite hard. Here are some few steps that will help you install a replacement fuel filter properly. The tools and materials you need are safety glasses, screwdrivers, pliers, wrench, clean up rags and of course, the replacement filter.

You can start by thinking safety first; wear your safety glasses on and find where the fuel filter is located. The location of fuel filters depend on the make and model of the car, but normally, it is located underneath the car near the tank. When you found where the fuel filter is, detach the screws that connects the clamp and hose. Remember not to entirely remove the screws, just loosen it enough to disconnect the hose and clamp.

Next, hold the hose, take the clamp off, remove the old filter, and set it aside. Remember to place some rags to where you put the old filter for leaks. Then, place your new filter in place it in position and secure it. Attach the hose to the new clamp and screw the clamps back until it secure.

Finally, after installing the new fuel filter, do some tests by turning your car on and leave the engine running for a while. After five to ten minutes, check your work underneath the car. If you notice that your replacement fuel filter has leaks, check your hoses for cracks and tears, if it has, you need a new hose. Also check the hose or clamp connection, it might need more tightening if it’s loose.

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