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How can I become more fit and get more stamina?

Right, here’s the story….

I really want to get more fit and have more stamina.

What a story!

Right, so I’ve been running at least 900m everyday (I measured my path on Google Earth), I walk about two miles to and from school and pretty soon I’m getting a mountain bike!

Just wondering if I’m doing the right things to achieve my goal and if there is anything more I can do!
I’d just like to add that I’m only 14 so I don’t want to push my body into anything straight away.

How can I increase excersise gradually?

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8 Responses to “How can I become more fit and get more stamina?”

  1. neonsturm said :

    Amazing plan, took me from terrible shape to running 3 miles like its nothing.

  2. penguinsgoroar said :

    900 meter run?! That’s nothing no offence. Why don’t you ditch the walking and ditch the bike and run the 2 miles. Or jog. I was on track. We ran 4 miles a day, and those were our easy workouts. I feel great everday because of it.

  3. jdzmumbles said :

    You are doing great. Keep at it and slowly increase the amount of running or biking when the time comes. You can also do many bodyweight exercises to up your endurance. You could do: burpees, push-ups, crunches, and squats. These will help muscular endurance. You should also mix up your training to keep your body versatile. You could do some swimming one day. Biking the next. Running after that. Take a break. Then go take a boxing class. Keep at it, and do not be afraid to have use variety of exercises to keep it fun and good for your body.

  4. zebrafarts said :

    Jog, from your starting point jog for 30 minutes then turn around and run back. As time goes by you will find your distance is more and more. Also, jumping jacks, squat thrusts and push ups will be good.

  5. Christian G said :

    you can swim so you can get stronger lungs, therefore having more stamina.

    Also try doing interval sprints they will also help a lot

  6. Beth said :

    Every now and then do something different so your body doesn’t completely get into a routine. Mountain biking is GREAT for stamina as long as you keep it up. It will help you gain a rock hard butt! You’ll love it!

  7. -british-chocolate- said :

    I would say that you should swim at a swim pool. Swimming is an awesome exercise that really helps in getting people fit. But yes, you are definitely doing the right things to achieve your goal, and getting a bike is great!

  8. Shantae Mezza said :

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