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Does the car battery completely drain if the car is not used for 3 months?

I will be out of town for about three months. I was wondering what to do with my car. Someone told me that the car battery will completely drain and I need to get a replacement when I come back. Any comments?
BTW my car is 2000 toyota camry v6.

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7 Responses to “Does the car battery completely drain if the car is not used for 3 months?”

  1. LeAnne said :

    Simply disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. When you get back and hook it up, you will need to reset the radio stations and clock – no big deal.

  2. adisudar said :

    It will, since it will feed the alarm, clock, etc, without being charged.
    You may save the battery by removing (+) and (-) cables, but you will lose your alarm system during that period.

  3. Mustang82 said :

    It does not completely drain. You can remove the black
    negative battery cable if you are going to worry. You will
    have to reset the clock, radio etc.

  4. Justaman said :

    yes! you’re batt will be drain if it been sitting for a long period of time, such as clock, theft system, and keep alive system modules. This are what you called parasitc draw,so just remove you’re negative battery terminal. if you plan to remove it from the car do not lay it on the ground cause it wil depleted the battery.

  5. guess78624 said :

    Battery might be a little low when you return, but should charge up ok if it was a good battery to begin with.

    Good idea to disconnect one terminal while car is sitting, –as radio clock and computer “memory” use a very small amount of power, and eventeually wil run battery down! Whether it will run completely “flat” in 3 months is questionable!

    Or ou can buy a “solar cell” and plug it in, and it will keep battery charged up anyway, — you just need a reasonable amount of sunlight avaiabale (such as putting in window of garage if stored inside)! If storing ouitside (with cover)-, just put “solar charger” out where it is out from under cover!, — Solar cells run around $20, – if you look around a little, — but really you shouldn’t need one,— if cable off!…. There is also a very light duty battery charger that is supposed ot put in a “maintainace charge” (just enough to keep battery up)! Works on 110vac, and plugs into cigarette lighter! Cost around $20 on this also!

    As for replaceing after it is flat! I just picked up a Honda that has set outside since sometime in early 2006 -or late 2005! Battery was absolutely stone dead!! Lisc. ran out 7th month of 06′, – transmission went out sometime before that! Anyway, I took batterey out and charged up, (hoping that it would at least hold enough power so that the alterenator would work when I jumped it)! To my surprise,- when I turned the key it cranked, — so I tried it and after about a couple minutes of cranking,- about 20 seconds at a time, – it starterd up the car! Have started it and moved several times in last week, and it is still fine! This battery is about 5 or 6 years old too !! The transmission still works some, so it can be moved a little!

  6. Guess said :

    It depends on how old your battery is.

    If it fearly new you have nothing to worry about

  7. abay777n said :


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