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Can our HOA tow our car off of our driveway if the registration is expired?

My husband rides a motorcycle to work most of the year and the registration on his car has expired. We’re planning on selling it in the next week or two so there really isn’t much point to re registering it. 2 days ago we received a newsletter announcing the new policy that no unregistered cars are allowed anywhere in the neighborhood and any unregistered cars will be towed. Can they really tow our car off of our driveway??? Don’t we have any rights as homeowners?

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7 Responses to “Can our HOA tow our car off of our driveway if the registration is expired?”

  1. raymond_borowiak said :

    Get a car cover for it they can’t touch it then.

  2. No name available said :

    Never understood why people move where there’s a HOA. The government is bad enough without some gestapo board running the rest of your life

  3. David S said :

    The HOA board does have the authority to make new rules. It’s not surprising that they would make one about unregistered cars, which is probably an effort to keep as many cars out of sight as possible and avoid the problem of abandoned cars. If I were you, I’d contact the HOA and tell them that although you do have an unregistered car in your driveway, that it’s up for sale and won’t be there much longer. Communicating with them may generate good will and some additional time.

    You do have rights as homeowners, but when you buy a home in a neighborhood with an HOA, you agree to abide by their rules. Those rules may supersede what you perceive as your rights.

  4. laughter_every_day said :

    You had all sorts of rights until you voluntarily gave much of your authority to a HOA. If you want to know how much authority you have voluntarily given to the HOA, read the by-laws and the CC&Rs that you signed.

  5. m said :

    If the letter said that all unregistered cars will be towed then your unregistered car is included. Either put it away in a garage or get insurance. Not too many options.

  6. Leslie said :

    Have you considered selling the vehicle to a cash for junk car company? At least that way you could obtain some cash for your vehicle and some companies even offer free vacations. Any how, i’m not to sure about the HOA, but I think by contacting them as David said, could perhaps give you more insight. Best wishes hope everything work out God Bless

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