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Can apple put a bigger hardrive in the computer i currently have?

I bought a mac recently with 300 something GB. I filled it up and is it possible that i send my computer to apple and the put in a bigger one?

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4 Responses to “Can apple put a bigger hardrive in the computer i currently have?”

  1. Haloe130 said :

    my bet would be that yes it is possible, but why not just buy an external hard drive, that way you can keep the files you have on your hard drive already and more than likely would pay much less than you would if you were to send your system back to apple.

  2. Nobody said :

    If there’s space for a 2nd drive (which any computer I ever saw definitely has), just put it in yourself, it’s childs play. Don’t get an external. They really have major problems, overheat, are slower, cost more, and are easy to kill by tipping or bumping them. Read reviews of some on if you don’t believe me.

  3. roman said :

    it is better that u ask this type of question in mentioned professional website.
    only apple can suggest in this matter. we can guess and what we will suggest u, may not be liked or meet ur problem

    possible suggestion is – yes may be ur mac can do it for u.

  4. Sean H said :

    Yes, Apple will be able to upgrade the hard drive for you (at a cost). They may not transfer the data on your old hard drive for you though so make sure you have a current Time Machine backup. You might get a better bang for your buck if you deal with a local licensed Mac reseller though. They’d have access to larger hard drives, probably lower labor rates and there won’t be shipping costs.

    Best to call and ask exactly how it works, what happens with your old drive and what happens with your data. If you get the old hard drive back you could put it in a 2.5″ external enclosure and use it for backups or misc data.


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