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Are automatics or stick shift cars cheaper ?

A stick shift or a manual transmission is cheaper than any automatic transmissions. From an automaker’s perspective, it is cheaper to install a stick shift rather than an automatic transmission. Experienced car drivers using manual transmission find it more fuel-efficient that leads to a considerable savings over the life of the car, might as well check the sticker price.

The difference of the price is not too much and when buying a car, it may not seem to be that important. Due to the growing demands on automatic transmission, sometimes it is hard to find a stick shift. The difference, in terms of efficiency, used to be more obvious, but automakers improved the automatic transmission’s efficiency in the 90s. Although the efficiencies between the two types of transmissions became slightly different by 2000, experienced drivers still prefer manual transmission.

For young drivers, automatic transmission is still the safer choice in terms of efficiency. It is possible to get greater control and fuel-economy in a stick shift, but you must be familiar with the engine dynamics to achieve this. Some manual transmission drivers waste more than driving an automatic version of the same car.

In buying cars, a stick shift is cheaper than the automatic transmission, but not that much, not enough to affect your decision on what type of transmission to buy. In terms of cost, majority of drivers find automatic transmission similar to driving a manual transmission. However, for experienced drivers who understand how to drive a stick shift efficiently, a manual transmission will be the best choice.

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