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Anybody have any ideas why the lights would go on my Mikilon Motorbike?

All the lights have failed on my Mikilon 125 motorbike, the ignition works and the engine starts but the lights (including the indicators) will not work. Anyone have a wiriing diagram or a website I can go on for help.
where would the fuse box be anyone – is it like a car are they all together – ive only come across one fuse under the seat and its fine – it looks like a house fuse, like a glass cylinder with wire from one end to the other.

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3 Responses to “Anybody have any ideas why the lights would go on my Mikilon Motorbike?”

  1. Buster Brown said :

    Look for a blown fuse first, then for a bad connection, perhaps a common ground.

  2. king_ogg1973 said :

    could be a blown fuse or boken wire somewhere or dirty switch

  3. Andy Pandy said :

    Your technical knowledge tells me to tell you to take your wheels to a dealer or you could cost your self a lot of money. If you don’t know how, learn through some one showing you how not blinding along in the dark (forgive the pun) 1st stop buy a manual for it if you don’t have one then you might get some where.You will also need tools test meters and other things so think before you make your problem worse.


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